TechCrunch PSA: Mute Spotify Advertisements If You Can’t Buy A Pro Subscription

Friend of TC Nik Cubrilovic posted this clever hack that allows you to listen to the free version of Spotify without having to listen to advertisements. He recommends that it only be used by people who, for reasons of geographic control, cannot pay for a pro account (which is totally worth the cash).

You can grab the code right here. It’s basically Applescript that watches the Spotify stream for advertisements and mutes them. You still have to sit through the silence, but it’s better than hearing the same commercial over and over again.

From the usage notes:

–Mute Spotify when ads are playing. Use if in a country where you can’t
–purchase a pro account. Open AppleScript editor (Applications > Utilities)
–paste this script in and then go File -> Save As, change ‘File Format’ to
–‘Application’ and save somewhere. Run Spotify using that application.

Again, don’t go ad blocking Spotify’s only source of revenue. That’s mean.