Romaine Jerome Targets The Wealthy Arcade Lover With New Pac-Man Watch

This watch probably costs the equivalent of all the money I put into arcade games as a kid. Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome helps you once again recall your video-game addicted youth with a limited edition luxury watch. RJ started mining our nostalgia veins with the Space Invaders watch that we covered here and now Inky, Blinky, and Clyde have their day on your wrist.

Romain Jerome uses a fancy technique that layers the dials in a matrix to create a high-resolution three dimension dial that looks like it was made out of pixels. Game play from PAC-MAN is displayed on four dial choices. Each have Pac-Man and the ghosts in (nearly) living color. You can opt for two versions with cherries on the dial as well. The watches are 46mm wide and in black coated steel. The case are actually part of the brand’s Moon Invader watch collection, and are said to contain some trace metal elements from the Apollo 11 moon lander.

The Romain Jerome PAC-MAN watches will be limited to 20 total pieces with a hefty price of $17,800.