Microsoft’s ‘Meh’ New Logo: Graphic Design Expert Armin Vit Weighs In [TCTV]

Microsoft today unveiled a new corporate logo, its first large-scale logo redesign since 1987. Everyone with a working set of eyeballs can weigh in on whether they like it or not — and many people have, with quite amusing results. But it’s always good to get insight from an expert, someone who focuses on this kind of thing full-time.

So I was really pleased to have the opportunity to talk with Armin Vit, the co-founder of Austin, Texas-based graphic design firm UnderConsideration and the editor of Brand New, a popular blog which obsessively monitors and critiques corporate logo designs and redesigns (if it’s not in your RSS reader, it ought to be — it’s one of my favorites.)

Armin gave us a buzz via Skype to give us the scoop on what he thinks of the new Microsoft logo — and he had some very interesting insights.

Watch the video embedded above to hear about why the Microsoft logo is “meh” (and how that’s still a good thing), how this compares to the latest branding out of Apple, how much this particular graphic design job could have cost the tech giant (hint: Vit says that whatever price you think would be reasonable you should probably “add a zero” to), what company’s logo holds the crown as his favorite of all time, and much more.

N.B.: Vit was calling in from a hotel room, so the connection wasn’t all that one might hope for. Apologies for any audio blips, but I think it still turned out quite well, considering.