TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon – Workshops Galore!

We’re just two and a half weeks away from the fourth annual TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon!

We wanted to take this opportunity to announce additional tickets and our API workshop lineup. So, listen close…

If you haven’t gotten a ticket for the event, now’s your last chance.  Head over and sign up on Eventbrite

Today, we’re excited to announce our lineup for Saturday’s API workshops. Come and get your learn on with:

Presented by Seth Hitchings, VP of Platform
The Evernote API lets you tap into the functionality offered by the Evernote service and gain access to the millions of users around the world who use it every day. Using the same API that powers all of Evernote’s native apps, you get full access to a user’s Evernote account, allowing you to create new notes and access existing ones. In this workshop we’ll introduce the API and look at Evernote’s SDKs, then discuss creating new notes, rendering notes, searching for existing notes and other common operations. You’ll learn how your application can store its data in Evernote, how to tap into the information that a user has already stored in Evernote, and why Evernote is great for more than just note taking.
Find out more about Evernote’s API at:

Ford Motor Company
Presented by Julius Marchwicki, Global Product Manager, SYNC AppLink
Developers will learn how to create Android and iPhone applications which can interact with Ford’s SYNC infotainment system, and use voice recognition, text to speech, and other in-vehicle resources to create an in-vehicle experience for your application that a driver can use while keeping their hands on the wheel, and their eyes on the road.

Presented by Marek Olszewski, Co-Founder and CTO
Guess what we’ve got! The world’s largest, real-time repository of local business data, that’s what. Hundreds of thousands of structured price lists and menus, hours, a variety of local insights data – you get the idea. Imagine what you could build with this stuff…local recommendation apps, comparison tools, search engines, ordering & scheduling apps, or maybe the next breed of humanoid electronic assistants. Use your imagination and tap into the the Locu API for a completely new level of local application functionality. Learn about the hidden gems of The Locu API during the workshop!
Find out more about the Locu API at

Presented by Neil Mansilla, Director, Developer Platform & Partnerships
Hack shortcuts and code libraries FTW! Developers will get a taste of API Explorer – an interactive documentation system designed to learn and explore RESTful APIs like Crunchbase, ESPN, Klout, USA TODAY,, Rovi, NY Times and many more. Hacks built using any APIs listed in our API Explorer will be eligible for our Mashery Big Red JAMBOX. Additionally, we’ll be giving out Mashery’s famous beer-opening USB drives with code libraries and tools downloaded for your hacking pleasure.
Find out more about Mashery with their API Explorer with 30 awesome APIs at:

Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc – AllJoyn
Presented by Brian Spencer, Staff Engineer
AllJoyn makes it easy to add ad hoc, proximity-based, device-to-device connectivity for mobile apps, including multiplayer games, social media sharing and multi-user productivity tools. It makes minimal requirements on the host OS, and is hardware and radio technology agnostic. This workshop will cover techniques to jump-start using AllJoyn in your app such as pairing, device and service discovery, multi-thread support, and security. Follow on developer support available throughout the hackathon.
Find out more about AllJoyn at:

Presented by Michael Schade, Head of Support
We’ll start off by building a basic payments form for accepting your first payment in just 10 lines of code. A simple form with Stripe is a powerful starting place, so we’ll learn how to extend that with subscriptions, webhooks, and by leveraging other tools we’ve been working on.
Find out more about Stripe’s API at:

Presented by John Bunting, API Lead
The workshop will be an introduction to the Tumblr API, showing off a client or two. We’ll finish up with showing off some of the neater projects that people have come up with for inspiration!
find out more about Tumblr’s API at: