Bag Week: The Ogio Rivet Messenger Bag

I do not like the pleather look of the Ogio Rivet. It’s degrading. Childish. Cheap. But damn do I love this bag, which is actually made out of shiny black canvas.

We have reviewed a lot of bags at TechCrunch and it’s always been clear that Ogio knows the secret formula to a great bag. The Ogio Rivet is no different. It offers plenty of space throughout the well-made bag with enough smart storage pockets to secure everything from an iPad to the most delicate portable electronics (there’s a crush proof pocket).

The Rivet is rather large. It can hold up to a 17-inch notebook and so it swallows whole my 15-inch MacBook Pro. In fact unlike most messenger bags, there’s enough room in this bag to hold a notebook computer and a large DSLR — plus it does so with ease. The bag has a fleece-lined outer pocket labeled for a notebook, but the computer could also easily go inside the bag’s main compartment.

Ogio brags that the Rivet has a capacity of 1350 cubic inches. That’s huge while not being too big. Thankfully, like most Ogio bags, there are pockets strategically placed throughout to hold one’s accoutrements. A new crush-proof pocket rests under the top flap, offering a lot of extra protection for one lucky gadget.

I loaded up the Rivet and carried the bag around town for a few days. It performs admirably. I’ve used an Ogio Hip Hop messenger bag for nearly five years now. It’s my go-to bag. The Rivet has all the qualities I love — smart storage, comfortable strap — with additional space and new features like the crush-proof pocket. I just don’t like the pleather look.

To be clear the Rivet is not made out of pleather but canvas coated in what appears to be a very thin layer of rubber — like waxed canvas but not. The pleather look is deceiving. It feels great to the touch and the coating should make the bag water-resistant.

At $150 the Rivet is a touch pricey. But having used several Ogio bags over the years, I can attest to the brand’s quality. Recommended.

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