The Oatmeal Hits Its $850,000 Goal To Fund A Tesla Museum In Less Than A Week

About a week after posting a call for donations to fund a Tesla Museum on Long Island, the goal has been surpassed by $20,000. Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal announced the plan last week in a post entitled “Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum” and it looks like his dream – and ours – will come true.

More than 20,000 funders donated to the cause and it is now rising past $850,000 with 40 days left on the funding deadline. According to Matthew Inman’s Twitter, an anonymous donor pitched in $33,000. “Wow, someone just donated $33,000 at the last minute and put us over our goal! $873,169 REACHED!” he wrote.

Clearly there’s something to this whole Internet giving thing and it’s clear that Inman has tapped into a rare vein of philanthropy through his work as a cartoonist and troll-victim.

“With the matching grant from NY State, this puts us at $1.7 million raised in 6 days to try and buy the property. FAN-GODDAMN-TASTIC,” he wrote. Fan-goddamn-tastic indeed.