Purported Specs Of The Next Nexus Smartphone Hits The Web

Forget about the new iPhone. It’s almost time for the next Nexus superphone!

The Galaxy Nexus one was introduced last November so it only makes sense that the next one will launch around the same time period. Codenamed Superior, specs for the next Galaxy Nexus just appeared but don’t get too excited. This next phone, if it really is a Nexus variation, isn’t all that more impressive than the current generation.

As shown by a chart posted by SamMobile, the GT-I9260 reportedly has a 1.5GHz dual-core A9 at the core. It uses the same 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD screen as the current Galaxy Nexus. The biggest change comes in the form the 8MP/1.9MP cameras. This is a large upgrade from the GT-I9250’s 5MP, 1.3MP front and back cameras. This next model also reportedly sports a microSD card slot.

Pricing and release date wasn’t given, but it’s likely that the next Nexus phone will launch in the coming months — probably shortly after the new iPhone’s buzz dies off but still a before the holiday’s kick into high gear.