Crisp Media Group Takes A Closer Look At The TC Atlanta Meetup [Video]

Looking back on the Southeast Mini Meetup trip, I can’t help but remember Atlanta as the shining star of our week-long (five city) tour. We met southern belles, ate a lot of pork, and essentially experienced a hurricane-style lightning storm, but try as we might to recap the event for you, we simply can’t top this video created by Crisp.

Crisp Media Group is an Atlanta-based video production company that specializes in promotional or testimonial videos for big brands like Coca-Cola and W Hotels. They were awesome enough to put together a little video for us (bonus points for using our water mark, you PR geniuses), and we couldn’t resist passing it along.

The video is excellent, no doubt about that.

But perhaps the more informative part of the story is garnering coverage using the company’s internal resources and strengths. It worked for Crisp, and it worked for ShoutOut Radio. They approached their marketing creatively — let’s face it, sometimes it’s not just about what you do, but about the attitude with which you do it.

And that trickles all the way down to the user base, who get a taste of the company’s personality, not just the product.