The New iPad Is Finally Catching Up In Ad Impressions (According To Velti)

Yes, it’s a big day for mobile ad reports, at least at TechCrunch — mobile marketing company Velti just released its report for July.

One of the themes in recent reports has been the relatively slow growth of the new iPad when it comes to ad impression front. In July, however, Apple’s new tablet started to close its gap with the iPad 2 — the older device now accounts for 24 percent of the total tablet impressions tracked, compared to 20 percent for the new iPad. Apple also released the new iPad in China last month, and in the week following, ad impressions from the device increased 150 percent.

ipad chart

Despite that growth, the report also says that for the first time this year, Android took ad marketshare from iOS. The breakdown last month was 58 percent iOS and 42 percent Android, compared to 62-38 in June.

As for ad pricing, Velti says eCPMs fell between June and July, perhaps because of more spending in June as advertisers tried to finish their Q2 budgets. Weather is still the most highly-priced category — the report suggests this may be because of a high frequency of geotargeted ads.

The report is based on data from Velti’s Mobclix Exchange, which supposedly serves ads to more than 33,500 apps. You can read the full report here.