This Could Be The Samsung Galaxy Note II

Is this the Samsung Galaxy Note II? It shares the same lines as the Galaxy S III. It also shows a home button very similar to the S III. The top-mounted sensors are in the same place and the screen is as gigantic as expected. But at this point it’s hard to say.

Samsung is expected to launch the successor to the wildly popular Samsung Galaxy Note sometime this year. The first version went on to sell a whopping 10 million units. An impressive feat considering that the phone is rather huge. With a 5.5-inch screen and stylus, the Note dwarfs the iPhone, making it look a toy from a past generation but some say it’s just too big. Still, the numbers do not lie. People love it. Well, at least 10 million people loved it enough at one time to buy it.

The next version will be a big upgrade. If this picture is any indication, it will have a screen around the same size. But inside, Samsung will likely turn to its quad-core Exynos platform, a SoC that’s very capable. The original Note wasn’t exactly sluggish, but the new version will probably silky smooth. Plus, if the phone launches later in the year, there’s a good chance it will rock Jelly Bean rather than Ice Cream Sandwich.

IFA is right around the corner. Samsung could reveal the phone as soon as August 29th, but the international rollout could take place later in the year.