MoPub Mobile Ad Report: Android And Social Networking On The Rise

MoPub, the Accel-backed ad serving startup that helps mobile publishers manage multiple monetization sources, has just released its first report on the data from its mobile ad exchange. It takes a different tack than most of the reports I’ve seen, focusing on slightly arcane-sounding metrics like win rate (percent of auctions that have winning bids) and bid depth (bids per impression request) to show advertiser demand.

In terms of mobile platforms, MoPub’s data shows iOS still ahead of Android when it comes to auction volume, but the gap appears to be closing — in May, Android had 28 percent of auction volume, a number that had increased to 39 percent in June. iOS also appears to be maintaining a big lead over Android in ad pricing, with an average eCPM of 90 cents on iOS versus 43 cents on Android in June.

mopub report

The data is supposedly based on 15 billion monthly ad impressions and covers the second quarter of this year. Some other findings:

  • Social networking apps’ share of auction volume saw the biggest increase, growing from 9 percent in April to 31 percent in June. Demand for ads in music and lifestyle apps also grew.
  • Demand for ad impressions grew in Canada and Spain, while dropping in Italy and Korea.
  • Banner ads claimed the vast majority (85.5 percent) of auction volume, their its share seems to be growing. Demand for vertical, full-screen interstitial ads is also growing, while demand for horizontal interstitials (most popular in gaming) is down.
  • Impressions with UDID (the device identifier that’s being phased out) still accounted for 85 percent of auction volume in June, and they also brought in a higher CPM, though the pricing gap between UDID and non-UDID impressions seems to be closing (eCPMS were 66 cents with UDID and 60 cents without in June).

You can read the full report here.

mopub screenshot