With 3 Million Users, GetGlue Goes Big With A New Social TV App Built Just For The iPad

Social TV app maker GetGlue is already successful, with 3 million users and more than 500 million interactions with its mobile apps. That includes check-ins, likes, and reviews of TV shows and movies, showing pretty good engagement for its existing user base. But now it’s coming out with an iPad app that it believes will go above and beyond what it’s users have been able to do on the smaller screen.

GetGlue HD focuses on content discovery, providing a more personalized experience for its users, allowing them to get information and personalized recommendations for TV shows. It takes advantage of a user’s previous check-in data, as well as likes and ratings, to determine which shows at any given time a user might like. The whole idea is to re-imagine the electronic program guide — you know, that crappy interface on your cable set-top box you can never find anything on.

Users get recommendations not just for that night or even that week, but also get updates and can receive notifications about upcoming television shows and premieres well in advance. It also gives advanced information about certain types of events — for example, the score of the local baseball game or reviews for new movies coming out over the weekend. Users can also find new shows on streaming services like iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon.

We get a demo of the new app from GetGlue CEO Alex Iskold. Check the video above to see what the new app looks like.