Nokia EVP Chris Weber: Hey Samsung, Look Out For Our New Windows Phones

Nokia’s Chris Weber sure seems to be a feisty mood. The company’s EVP of Sales and Marketing took to his sporadically-used Twitter account presumably in an attempt to build some buzz around Nokia and Microsoft’s upcoming press conference, and this is what he came up with:

“Samsung take note, next generation Lumia coming soon. #nokia”

These are some pretty bold words coming a guy whose company was hit with a class-action lawsuit back in May because its U.S. Windows Phone sales had failed to meet shareholder expectations. That Weber called out Samsung in particular is interesting, not only because that’s usually just not done, but because Nokia is something like a mote in Samsung’s eye at this point.

Then again, it wouldn’t be first time Nokia called out its rivals to drive awareness of its plans — for a company currently navigating some rough seas, Nokia can be pretty mouthy when it comes to its competitors. When the Lumia 800 was unveiled at Nokia World last year, CEO Stephen Elop called it the “first real Windows Phone,” a claim that Microsoft quickly backed them up on (HTC and Samsung must have been thrilled). Then, earlier this year, the ailing company launched a marketing campaign centered around pointing out flaws in rival smartphones all with the intention of pointing out how great its new Lumia 900 is.

Don’t get me wrong here — I like Nokia (apparently other people do too), and I like their products quite a bit. I’m all for some trash talk too (it’s like high school all over again!), but Nokia’s going to look awful foolish if what it plans to unveil on the 5th doesn’t floor everyone in attendance. Quiet rumblings of a Nokia tablet have started to pick up in intensity in recent months, and Weber previously confirmed that Nokia would eventually produce a PureView-toting Lumia device, so there’s plenty of fodder for last minute announcement rumors.

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