Leapfrog Announces Availability Of Leapster GS, A Mini Educational Tech Toy

While I wouldn’t want to be the parent who buys their kids a Leapster GS instead of a Nintendo DS, I still think that this mini educational handheld is an interesting addition to Leapfrog’s line of kids toys. The GS looks a lot more like a handheld device than its predecessors and can take pictures and video with a built-in camera.

The GS runs on four AA batteries and features a color screen and comes in green or purple. It runs a number of game times and kids can use it to view animated ebooks. Kids can store content on 2GB of built-in memory.

Leapfrog hardware is rugged and none of the handhelds we’ve had at home have ever broken in the course of play. N.B., however, parents: kids abandon these things pretty fast when they figure out Dad’s iPhone plays Angry Birds, so enjoy it while it lasts.

The GS costs $69.99 and is available now.