Songza Music Streaming App Nabs 2 Million New Users Since June With More Than 50% Retention Rate

You’ve heard me talk about Songza before. After launching on iPad, bringing Concierge to Android, and surpassing 1 million iOS downloads in 10 days, the company is still on a roll, announcing that more than 2 million users from the States and Canada have joined Songza since June 1st.

But perhaps more impressive, of all the users that have ever used Songza (remember, the service launched in September of 2011), over half of them are still active users of the app. It’s all about retention, am I right?

Songza, if you happen to have missed it, is a music streaming app that matches up your current activities and preferences with expertly curated playlists. Concierge, its core feature, doesn’t require any input, but rather guesses your activities based on what kind of device you’re on, your preferences, and the time and date.

Because of this, Songza has been collecting an incredible amount of data over the past few months. This doesn’t just include your music preferences, but also the activities you choose on a regularly basis. The idea is that, very soon, Songza will start implementing its knowledge on you in a very tangible way.

Songs will fit your mood or activity better, activities presented will be more on point, and the company even plans on using your location to see that you’re at a gym or on a beach, and serve up playlists accordingly.

Songza has also announced the close of a $1.5 million convertible note led by (who originally bought Amie Street, the company Songza spun out of) Deep Fork Capital, and Metamorphic Ventures. The company also brought on a group of rock star investors including 1-800 Flowers, Brian Lee, and NBA star Baron Davis, among others.

Part of this investment will be used to expand Songza’s guest DJ initiative, which allows brands and celebrities to create their own featured playlists. My personal favorite is Ke$ha’s pre-gaming mix.

Expect to hear a lot more from these guys in the future.