One Laptop Per Child Details The XO-4 Touch, A Touchscreen Convertible Notebook For Emerging Markets

OLPC is plowing forward with the successor to the XO-1. The XO-4, a 7.5-inch convertible notebook clearly born from the same DNA of the XO-1, will feature a touchscreen and keyboard. As OLPC states, this will allow the XO-4 to be a dual-function device, perfect for non-profit education duty.

A Marvell ARMADA 2128 processor will power the device. The XO-4 will use a multi-touch display sourced from Neonode that’s capable of being used in direct sunlight. Combined with the tablet/laptop functionality, this Neonode display should make the XO-4 rather versatile, too.

OLPC CEO Rodrigo Arboleda said in a released statement today, “There is constant debate over laptops versus tablets in educational programs. But the truth is both have their merits. While maintaining our XO’s award-winning design from Yves Behar’s FuseProject, we have combined features of both devices to deliver dual benefits. The new XO-4 Touch is more than just a device, it’s a new way of facilitating learning.”

The XO-4 Touch is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2013. No word on pricing.