J.Hilburn Launches Style Kit, A Novel iPad Sales App For Its Customers And Sales Force

Every night while I’m brushing my teeth, my mom lays out my clothes for the next day. She says I’m her special boy. Then she goes home to her house, leaving me, my wife and our two kids to put ourselves to bed. This system ensure I’m always looking my best. Not everyone has it so lucky. But startup J.Hilburn is attempting to bring a little motherly love to its clothing clients and just launched a great looking iPad app to assist.

J.Hilburn, a Dallas-based startup, is known for its direct-to-sales business model. Much like Avon, the company sends Style Advisors to client’s homes, who then measures the client. J.Hilburn started selling directly to clients through its website last year, but still supports its initial model as evident by its new iPad app, Style Kit.

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As shown by the video below, this app is aimed at the Style Advisors, allowing them to keep a visual inventory of a client’s ordering history. The company rolled out the app to its sales force in July and saw a 67% increase in sales. It should also serve nicely as a virtual dressing assistant for dedicated J.Hilburn customers.

“Our business is driven by our network of skilled Style Advisors, and we created Style Kit to help deliver a more effective, customized shopping experience at the point of sale,” said Veeral Rathod, J.Hilburn Co-Founder and President. “The impact on transaction metrics affirms that the App is an effective way to further enhance the J.Hilburn experience through digital commerce.”

The Style Kit app features J.Hilburn’s full catalog, individual customer profiles, and a so-called My Picks function that allows customers to create Pinterest-type style boards. And as a male blogger a bit embarrassed about his expanding belt line, I’ll be the first to admit that I like shopping for clothes a lot better in the privacy of my dark basement office than in a brightly-lit Macys — plus, these are a lot nicer clothes for the same price.