Condé Nast Releases Fashion Hazard, Its First Game For iOS

Condé Nast has just released its first game for iOS — a Temple Run-style “endless runner” game called Fashion Hazard.

Why is the publisher of GQ, The New Yorker, and Vogue (among others) developing mobile games? Well, Fashion Hazard comes from the company’s Interactive Product Group, which builds experimental products, like idea-sharing application Idea Flight and the Christmas website Santa’s Hideout, that aren’t affiliated with any of the existing Condé Nast publications or brands. (You’ll note, by the way, that I said it’s the company’s first game for iOS, not its first game ever. That’s because SELF recently released a fitness game for Facebook.)

Senior Director of Business and Product Development Juliana Stock says that she first thought up the game after seeing her daughter’s devotion to Temple Run. Stock was trying to find similar games, but there seemed to be a dearth of arcade-style games that were aimed at girls, so she decided the iPG team should to create one of its own.

In Fashion Hazard, players tilt, swipe, their phones to walk their models down the runway, collecting coins (“bling”) and dodging obstacles like snakes and other models — you know, just like in real life. They can eventually redeem the bling for items in the game, and also advance to other fashion shows. There’s also a partnership with Frenzoo, which will allow players to complete challenges and earn achievements from Frenzoo’s game Style Me Girl.

The Fashion Hazard game costs 99 cents, and you can download it here.