iRobot Releases New Versions Of Its Vacuuming Robot And Gutter Cleaning Robot

After 22 years of existence, iRobot has come a long way and is still releasing new models of its home cleaning robots. The Looj 330 has been completely redesigned to improve your gutter cleaning experience.

In the vacuuming robot line, the Roomba 600 series has been updated as well with redesigned brushes and a better air system.

Two years ago, iRobot released the Looj for those who do not like heights and cleaning out gutters. The new version has the same strengths as its predecessor. It is an effective way to push out dust and branches with a remote control and a flippy-flappy front sweeper.

A nice side effect is that it’s fun to use. But, as we said in our review, using the last-gen Looj with tighter gutters could be a problem.

With the Looj 330, iRobot addressed that flaw. The robot has a lower profile design and comes with interchangeable auger flaps to fit all kinds of gutters. Moreover, there is a new automatic “clean” mode that adapts to debris. But don’t worry, the manual mode is still here for your inner child.

The battery is now a lithium-ion battery that is supposed to work well after many months spent in your garage. The robot comes with a belt clip to carry it while climbing a ladder.

Finally, a new accessory kit is now available with other auger flap sizes and a bag to put away all this stuff. It looks like a toolbox dedicated to the Looj, and you can hang it on the wall next to your other tools. The accessory kit is available for $99.99.

While the first version of the Looj cost $169, the updated version now costs $299.99 due to the new features.

iRobot has released today a new version of the entry model of its vacuuming robots as well. It is a minor revision. In addition to redesigning the look of the robot, the two main new features are a new brush design and a better air system. The entry price is $329.

With those new products, iRobot still seems dedicated to automate home maintenance.

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