Evermeeting Aims To Streamline Your Boring 4:30 All-Hands

If you hate meetings as much as I do, and I’m a misanthropic anthrophobe so I hate them a lot, then you’ll be glad to see that Evermeeting, a new iOS app, could be a good fit. Evermeeting helps record meetings and assign tasks and notes to various constituents. The app allows you to create and share an agenda, create attendee lists, and generally streamline the terrible, horrible experience of sitting in a room with other people.

Created by Ignacio Ramírez Rico, Daniel Cuende, Gonzalo Ortiz, and Gonzalo del Pozo created this app thanks to $500,000 in angel funding. The team has works out of Madrid and it’s part of SaveMeeting, a meeting recording system that Evermeeting uses for cloud storage.

“Evermeeting is truly a powerful recording system on the cloud. You can record meetings with the peace of mind of having no time limits or issues with storage space in your device,” said Esther Romo Alonso, a company representative. She reported running 1,983 meetings in June. The service also offers paid transcription of meetings via SaveMeeting.

The app is sort of an internal tool that escaped into the wild.

“Our team of experts works in the development of the tool, convinced that the design of a premium software will prove to our users and clients that things can be done with passion. We have created something they need just the way we wanted it,” said Alonso.

The design is definitely a departure from the traditional iOS language. It’s actually a bit more like a Windows Phone app than anything else, giving it, at the very least, a bit of Web 3.0 frisson. It’s a little complex for my taste and, knowing my penchant for meetings, I rarely take notes, but maybe this will inspire me to become a better man and, more important, a more organized aphephobe.

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