The Power Of HTML5/Javascript: A GameBoy Color Emulator In Your Browser

It’s early on Monday so you’ll excuse me for getting excited about an HTML5/Javascript-based GameBoy Color emulator that runs entirely within the browser without plugins. While this sort of thing isn’t new – you’ve been able to play NES games in Java for years – and this emulator is a bit old, it’s still a cool proof of concept.

In short, the Javascript emulates a Z80 processor and runs the GameBoy ROMs fast enough that the user experiences no lag. The HTML5 handles the display itself, managing animation speed for the browser. You can even download the source right here. It’s no cure for cancer, but it’s pretty cute.

Who has two thumbs and wants to play some Megaman on a summer morning while you should be working on your TPS reports? All of us.

Project Page via HN