HTC Reaffirms Android 4.0 Updates Are Coming This Month

HTC smartphone owners, take note. Your Ice Cream Sandwich update is coming this month says HTC on its Facebook page. The company previously released a laundry list detailing the ICS roll-out schedule but failed to meet many of its own target dates. But HTC is now stating all the devices on that list will get Android 4.0 by the end of this month.

If HTC follows through with this plan, Android 4.0 should hit devices like the Droid Incredible 2, Thunderbolt, Rhyme and Desire S. This is especially good news for the latter two, which HTC previously stated would have ICS by the end of July.

Relative to iOS updates, major Android revisions are slow to hit devices. This is for various reasons, too. OEMs and carriers often put the updates through rigorous testing, and furthermore, they have to support a huge number of devices. A Google report released earlier this month notes that 16% of Android devices are now running Android 4.0, up from 10.9% in July. But Gingerbread, released in 2010, is still the dominate Android version and currently powers 60% of the devices on the market.