Following’s Reboot, Smore Introduces App Flyers For DIY Mobile App Marketing

Smore, a startup which lets anyone quickly build attractive, single-page websites which it calls flyers, is rolling out a new version of its service today to specifically targets mobile app developers. Called simply “app flyers,” these mini, customized websites can be built in seconds by pulling in data from the App Store itself, then allowing users to tweak the design using a handful of built-in styles.

“Most apps are not built by these huge companies that have a ton of money to spend on marketing,” says Smore co-founder Gilad Avidan of the new offering. “Most apps are small or micro businesses – and these people need help getting the word out.”

Smore, a TechStars Seattle 2011 alum, launched into public beta this April, and now has over 10,000 users on its service, who have produced 8,000 flyers. Combined, the network has seen 100,000 unique pageviews per month, with flyers averaging around 100 views each.

What makes Smore different from other DIY website builders, is not only that it focuses on the one-page, promotional websites, but that it’s thinking about the needs of marketers – or rather, those who have to do their own marketing.

“With Smore, because we have these cool promotion tools, our users average much higher views than anywhere else,” says Avidan. “The flyers work very well with social, and you can send them in email – and they look really cool in email as well. They work on mobile. They’re SEO optimized. All that stuff really makes a difference,” he says.

Like its flagship service, the new app flyers also include built-in analytics, and support Google Analytics integration. Plans to beef up the basic analytics are in development, as are plans to roll out even more promotional tools through integration of various APIs and new partnerships.

For example, the company wants to point its users to other useful tools, like email marketing services or event listings providers. It also plans to expand to new verticals, like music and education, and it plans to support flyer creation for sellers on eBay and Etsy, among other things.

Avidan says the new Smore app flyers will help fill the vacuum that’s been left in the wake of founder Dalton Caldwell’s decision to shift his company’s focus away from those pages for apps in order to build a paid Twitter-like service. “This vacuum is not just starting now with this pivot,” says Avidan. “It’s probably safe to say that for the last few months, they haven’t really been doing anything for their market.” He also notes that there are several DIY website builders out there, but Smore’s key selling point is not just its design, it’s the focus on bringing professional marketing tools to everyone.

The service is will always be available as a freemium product, with things like multiple flyers, better analytics, and more tools available as paid features further down the line.

App developers can begin building their own flyers here, for free.

Note: Image is an example only, not a customer.