Poshmark Launches ‘Showrooms’ To Help Users Sift Through Its Growing Fashion Resale Database

Poshmark, the startup that makes an iPhone app for posting, buying, and selling women’s apparel and accessories, has rolled out some new features to accommodate its growing user base.

Since Poshmark launched in December 2011 with $3.5 million in venture capital, the company has grown to having an annual run rate of $40 million in items listed, with tens of thousands of items populating each “Posh Party” for the community to post item listings that occurs typically once or twice daily (the company expects its annual item value to hit $500 million by year-end.) The update being launched today — curated ‘Showrooms’ — aims to help users more effectively sift those items into what is most appealing or interesting to them.

Poshmark is a very visual product, so it was great to have the company’s CEO Manish Chandra stop by the TechCrunch TV office to give us an in-person show-and-tell. Watch the video above to see him give us the rundown on the company, how it’s growth has been, and the latest update of Poshmark — and explain how it is separate from the growing pack of fashion and reseller apps populating the current web market such as Copious and Threadflip.