Connectify Dispatch Lets You Combine All Your WiFi Connections Into One Super Connection

Not all Wifi connections are created equal. Some are free; others are relatively expensive. Some are fast, and some are painfully slow. But what if you could combine all of your connections into one super-fast, super-reliable connection?

That’s what the Connectify folks — the same ones who are using software to turn your PC into a hotspot — are doing with Dispatch, their new Kickstarter project. The idea is simple (despite the fact that the technology surely is not).

WiFi is everywhere. It’s in the coffee shop, in the airport, and likely in your pocket (in the form of either a 3G/4G hotspot or a tether-friendly smartphone). Yet anywhere outside of your home or work connection, things tend to be a bit slower and less reliable. Connectify Dispatch is a software solution that lets you combine a public WiFi connection (at the airport, for example) with another network (like your 4G hotspot).

This allows you to do things that wouldn’t normally be possible on a slow, crowded, yet free network, while not running up a crazy bill on your expensive hotspot. Dispatch lets you set different priorities for certain networks, so you can set the airport WiFi or an Ethernet connection to “primary,” and your hotspot to “secondary.”

Connectify has already had some incredible success, including funding from IQT and a staggering amount of usage on its WiFi Hotspot app. The company tells us that 233,000 active users have started a Connectify Hotspot connection in the last 24 hours. That’s nearly 10,000 users every hour.

The same type of success is only sure to follow with Dispatch (Kickstarter link).