Conan O’Brien Breaks Down The Apple/Samsung Trial [VIDEO]

Apple and Samsung are currently entrenched in courtroom warfare. Apple alleges that Samsung stole some of iOS’s key functions. Samsung is saying nuh-huh. Here’s a video of a Samsung VP, released by Coco O’Brien’s web monkeys, that shows Samsung, the company’s products and its attitude are completely different from Apple’s.

Listen, Apple and Samsung’s legal battle can make some fun headlines, but it’s mostly just an interesting sideshow. It’s just two massive consumer electronic giants moaning over icon placement and retail strategy. Outside of Samsung and Apple’s boardrooms, only fanboys care about the outcome.

Apple has the right to defend what it feels it developed and patented. And likewise, Samsung has the duty to keep up with the Joneses, or if you will, the Jobses, and make sure its products can compete against the market leader.