Report: Pinterest’s Growth Slows, But Still On Track To Pass Yahoo Organic Traffic In August

After months of hype, it’s been pretty quiet around Pinterest for the last few weeks. According to the latest data we just received from Shareaholic, however, the social photo sharing site is still growing quickly, though judging from the company’s referral data, Pinterest’s growth has slowed down a bit since June. From May to June Pinterest’s referral traffic to Shareaholic’s network of about 200,000 sites grew by 43.7%. From June to July, it “only” increased by 15.97%. Even at this slower growth rate, Pinterest is still on track to surpass organic traffic from Yahoo in August. This, says Shareaholic, means Pinterest will soon be the fourth largest traffic source in the world.

Today, Pinterest already drives more traffic to sites that use Shareaholic than Bing and Twitter and it’s only 0.10% away from overtaking Yahoo. Google, of course, remains the largest driver of traffic to the company’s member sites, followed by Facebook and – for the time being – Yahoo.

As our own Sarah Perez reported a few weeks ago, it was only in June that Pinterest passed Bing, Twitter and Stumbleupon in the company’s rankings.

Google+, by the way, doesn’t even appear in Shareaholic’s graphs, but as a company spokesperson told me earlier today, it accounted for a minuscule 0.06% of its referral traffic last month.

Shareaholic says its data is based on referral traffic to more than 200,000 publishers who reach more than 270 million people each month. It’s important to keep in mind that this data doesn’t necessarily reflect the Internet as a whole, but the company’s data has generally been quite similar to what we’ve seen from other third-party analytics services.