Infratel Raises $3 Million For Facebook Connected Cloud-Based Telephony Service

Go to almost any small business website and you will find you can’t make a call. A real call where you talk to someone simply by clicking a button.

Infratel hopes to change all that. The Seattle company has received $3 million in funding from Prostor Capital and Runa Capital to provide its cloud-based telephony service for providing click-to-talk capabilities.

Infratel now has the capability for a business to add an app on Facebook to make calls to a pre-programmed number.

The website app works in a similar fashion. The app is installed on the site. The user enters a phone number to pre-program the application. The user then adds the provided widget code to web pages where the visitors will see the “Click to Call” button.

Infratel charges according to the number of minutes you use. It has two tiers of service. Subscribers can use a Facebook only service or a combined offering that includes both a Facebook and Web app.

Infratel will compete with social CRM providers such as and RightNow, acquired by Oracle earlier this year. Both offer similar services. But it is the distributed capability that sets Infratel apart. The app can be easily implemented into Facebook or a website. For many small businesses, that is just about all they need.