How Much Is Expert Testimony Worth To Apple? $75,000

In the case of Samsung vs. Apple, one of the biggest tech trials on U.S. soil, today’s been all about Peter Bressler, one of Apple’s expert witnesses. He’s fought with Samsung lawyers, and affirmed just about everything Apple has accused Samsung of. As an inventor or co-inventor on about 70 design patents, and a former expert witness in seven other trials, he is nothing short of an expert. But how much is that worth?

Samsung’s counsel, Charles Verhoeven, asked Bressler point blank how much Apple has paid him to be an expert witness in this case. “So far?” Bressler asked. “$75,000.”

Who knows how much that figure will grow to by the end of the four week trial. Oh, and don’t forget Apple and Samsung have another massive battle planned for next year, regarding newer models such as the Galaxy S III.

Mr. Verhoeven also made sure to show the jury that Bressler does this for a living. Verhoeven mentioned that Bressler advertises himself as an expert witness on a website, which is currently under construction.

In either case, it’s totally normal for an expert witness to be paid for their help on a trial. It takes a lot of time and energy to do the research necessary to testify on the case. I mean, just listening to Mr. Bressler’s expert testimony was exhausting to me. I can’t imagine how he’s feeling.