Back To School 2012: Welcome To The Whiteboard Jungle

Every year we have a little tradition around TC: a “back to school” series for folks who are either entering college or just leaving the confines of academia for their first job. Our goal in this series is to talk about all the gadgetry, great and small, that would help make that transition a little smoother and, more important, offer some advice from entrepreneurs and business folks who have been through it all.

You can read all of our coverage right here.

These next few days we’re going to feature top 5 lists of some of our favorite gear as well as advice and videos from some of the biggest names in tech. We also welcome your tips and tricks and we’d love to publish them on Friday in a compendium of college knowledge. Please submit stories, ideas, and tips to with the subject “COLLEGE.”

Until then, look for our top five lists this week and remember: Mark Zuckerberg never graduated, and look how he turned out.