Snug Nugget Launches A Pay-What-You-Want Book Bundle

While I can’t quite imagine what a “snug nugget” really is without descending into the scatological, but what the company does is quite interesting. This new website offers bundles of books with a retail value of about $30. They expect users to pay about that and they donate 14.3% to charity.

The current crop of books looks promising if you’re into thrillers and fantasy and hopefully they’ll continue these bundles with bigger names to draw in some more donations. All of the books are DRM free and come in Kindle, ePub, and PDF format. You check out via Paypal and Google Checkout.

The site competes directly with the yet-unlaunched StoryBundle and looks a little seat-of-its-pants in terms of design and UI. However, it’s a noble goal and it’s pretty darn important that sites like these not only succeed but thrive. Best of all? Here’s their “trailer” for the books on offer. Very exciting stuff.

via The Digital Reader