Man Builds A Real, Working Wall-E That’s Still Eternally Hunting For Eve

Mike Senna, a California-based roboticist, has built a real, working Wall-E that can move around, wave, and call out his own cute name in a rattly, digitized voice. Mike is the guy who built a real, working R2-D2 and his latest project is a real masterpiece of animatronics and robotic motion.

He spent 25 hours a week building the robot and he play with his toy at various events including charity activities where Wall-E helps cheer up sick kids.

Sadly, Senna might have some trouble building his own Eve simply because it’s hard to make something fly at high speeds and shoot lasers powerful enough to blow holes in rocks and heavy, steel oil tankers.

You can check out his blog here and enjoy some of his videos (including this one of Wall-E dancing) here.