Is An Online Market For Digital Products

Producers of digital goods have a few problems. The first is finding good clients (preferably not these clients) and the second is building a popular portfolio of work. But without the former, you can’t create the latter and vice versa. That’s where comes in.

A Manhattan-based company, aims to make it easier to sell digital assets. Founded by Cillian Kieran and Simon Keane, the site is designed to make it easier for web creators to grab handsome, usable graphics for their projects. Rather than futzing with Photoshop all day, they can grab a “share this” button for a dollar or a funny little graphic for $3.

The site accepts low- and hi-res images and Photoshop files including PSDs, AIs, and TIFFs. They take 30% of the transaction.

The company launched a few months ago and is now meting out beta invites to designers and buyers. They also have a desktop widget that allows buyers to do quick searches inside the database to find, say, pictures of penguins or “Tweet this!” buttons.

It’s not a one-stop branding solution – yet – but it’s a cool and quick way to grab graphical items for projects. You can sign up for the beta (and see if they let you in) or just ogle the website for a few minutes between visits to Reddit.

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