Apple’s iPhone 5,2 Prototype Showing Up In Server Logs

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A few short days after rumors began swirling that Apple would hold this year’s fall event on Sept. 12, a reliable source just sent a screen grab of a next-gen iPhone popping up in his/her/its server logs.

We weren’t able to glean any other info from the one session the prototype iPhone was engaged in, but the naming convention falls in line with what others have previously reported. It remains unclear if the iPhone 5,2 will go into production – as opposed to the iPhone 5,1 – or whether it will remain an internal-only test unit.

Rumors are still rampant that Apple will increase the size of the screen from 3.5 inches (diagonal) to ~4 inches and that the 30-pin connector is being put out to pasture in favor of a smaller 19-pin version. Regardless, it appears Apple is close to finalizing the next-gen iPhone ahead of its purported product reveal next month.