VEVO Inks Deal To Bring Music Videos To Upcoming OUYA Android Game Console

The folks behind the stylish, Android-based OUYA game console have been on a hot streak lately. Not only has the project raked in over $6 million in Kickstarter pledges, but cloud gaming service OnLive and legendary game developer Square-Enix have thrown their collective weight behind the $99 gadget.

Now there’s another hefty name to add to that list. Music video provider VEVO has announced that it has entered into a partnership with OUYA that will allow gamers access to its sizable catalog of music videos between long stretches of random encounters in Final Fantasy III.

Sadly, unlike the OnLive announcement made a few days back, there’s still quite a bit left to the imagination here. Neither party has come forward with images of the service in action, so exactly how simple the process of poring over and searching for videos is unknown. Still, this could be the beginning of even bigger things for the OUYA. Company founder Julie Ehrmann said that the partnership means players will have access to “entertainment beyond gaming,” which could add plenty of reasons to buy the stylized cube if the company could negotiate the right content deals.

Hell, even if OUYA doesn’t manage to ink agreements with companies like Hulu or Netflix, the fact that it’s running a highly-tweakable operating system means motivated geeks could easily extend its functionality beyond what the creators originally had in mind. Perhaps Google could even learn a thing or two from team OUYA — the search giant recently delayed the launch of its curious Nexus Q media streamer in an attempt to make it “better” after receiving plenty of hit-or-miss feedback.