TwelveSouth Reworks The BackPack, Now Adds A Handy Shelf To Either Side Of An iMac Or Cinema Display

The original TwelveSouth BackPack was fantastically ingenious. And now it’s even better.

Designed exclusively for iMacs and Apple Displays, the BackPack adds a simple shelf to the display without the use of screws or adhesive. Using adjustable brackets, the BackPack can mount on the front or back of the unit, adding a nice shelf to hold an iPhone, external hard drive, or your Troll Doll collection.

But now, with the new design, the BackPack can also hold a MacBook Air, iPad or Airport thanks to new vertical support pegs. Each peg is coated in soft silicon and since the BackPack can support 3.5 lbs, it should hold just about anything you would want around your iMac.

TwelveSouth also added a simple cable management solution in the form of side-mounted rails. This should keep the cables nice and tidy.

The new version ships today but costs a touch more than the original with a price of $34.99. But seriously, $35 is a small price to pay for a handy shelf and less clutter.

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