The Denon Cocoon Home And Portable Are High-End, Impressive iPhone Speaker Docks

Apparently Denon just discovered the iPhone. The audio company just released the Cocoon Home and Portable speaker dock. In traditional audiophile nonsense speak, Denon describes the Cocoon’s shape as a “sculptural design with premium execution that blends in while standing out.” They look like beans to me.

I’m only half-joking about Denon just discovering the iPhone. The Cocoon is Denon’s very first iDevice all-in-one speaker dock. Previously, Denon only had dedicated charging docks and several component mini systems with docks built-in — but never a traditional speaker dock. These two docs are entering a crowded high-end market. currently dominated by the B&W Zeppelin, B&O BeoSound 8, and Bose SoundDock 10. But these Denons might have the goods to stand tall.

Available in black or white, the Cocoon Home features two 4mm tweeters and two 100mm woofers powered by a four channel Class D amp. The speaker dock is DLNA and AirPlay-enabled, but also features a 3.5mm input and a full size USB port for playing back from external sources.

The Cocoon Portable is more of the same but employs dual 100mm full range speakers rather than the four channel setup. It also lacks the USB port and metal base found on the Home model. However, the Cocoon Portable earns its name from the built-in battery, which Denon claims can power the speaker dock for 5 hours. This model is also water-resistant and still connects via DLNA or AirPlay.

Both models use retractable docks that an OLED screen on the front to display album info, volume level and the like. Denon also brags that since the clear plastic enclosure is painted from the inside, the Cocoon has a super glossy appearance unlike any dock currently available.

Denon announced today that both models will hit the market yet this summer with the Home model at $599 and the Portable running $499.

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