CapLinked Partners With The Startup America Partnership To Offer Fundraising Tools To Startups

CapLinked, which offers tools to help manage the fundraising process, just announced a partnership with the Startup America Partnership.

In the announcement press release, Scott Case, CEO of the Startup America Partnership, notes that the fundraising can be “an extremely difficult and time-consuming process as founders are focused on running and growing their companies” and that CapLinked will allow members to “easily manage their capital raise.”

CapLinked’s platform includes private workspaces where entrepreneurs and investors can share fundraising documents and manage other transactions, as well as a network tools for connecting the two groups can meet. Now startups who are enrolled in Startup America will now get access to the company’s premium features, says CEO Eric Jackson. Those tools include workspace activity reports, multiple workspace administrators, the ability to create additional workspaces, plus more tools for networking with investors.

This isn’t the first time CapLinked has made these features available to a large group of startups. Just last month, it announced the CapLinked Elite Accelerator Program, making premium accounts available to companies in programs like TechStars, Science, and 500 Startups. With more than 6,500 companies enrolled in Startup America, this partnership could potentially offer a nice boost to CapLinked’s user base, but Jackson insists that this is “not really about acquiring customers<‘ but instead “helping Startup America with their mission of empowering entrepreneurs to build great companies.”

Founded in 2010, CapLinked says it has managed $37 billion worth of deals from more than 135,000 users.