As POP Crosses $85k On Kickstarter, The Company Announces The $99 POP Station, Storage Bins

The POP, short for POrtable Power, is a delicious, high-capacity battery capable of recharging portable devices. With its beastly 25,000 mAh battery, the little station is capable of recharging an iPhone ten times. But it’s not just an iOS accessory. In fact the POP’s secret sauce comes in the form of four dual-tipped retractable charging cables that feature both a dock connector and microUSB port. The company plans to retail the product at $149, but Kickstarters can pre-order it at just $129. But wait! There’s more!

Thanks to feedback from the Kickstarter community, the company plans on releasing a $99 Pop Station that features the same charging functionality, just minus the battery backup. This will provide the same charging capability for those that need a less portable solution — say for use in the kitchen or in a coffee shop.

The top portion of the POP is now a bit more functional thanks to a storage bin. The creator, James Siminoff, told me that they should have included this from the start. But after “some quick engineering to clean up the inside a bit” the top of the POP now doubles as a storage compartment for the AC adapter.

The project already surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000, but there is still 30 days left on the campaign to place a pre-order and save $20 off the retail cost.