Uber Spins Its Latest Variation On Car Rides: DJs On Party Buses In Chicago

Uber is still growing its business as a disruptive (sometimes controversial) car service app, but in the meantime it continues to push the envelope on what else it might eventually do with the logistics infrastructure it is also creating. The latest development comes by way of Chicago, where Uber is now laying on busses with DJs and drinks. Yes, it’s bus bumping from Uber.

Uberpalooza will feature DJs Dante, Bobbylite, Megan Taylor and Andrew Hayden, and is being run to coincide with the Lollapalooza music festival taking place in the Windy City this weekend. Those requesting the service will be charged $50 for 25 minutes or 5 miles — whichever comes first (so pick your traffic-clogged streets of Chicago carefully). Up to 10 other people can join in on the party bus — as long as all are over 21.

Uber’s DJ bus is the latest variation on the car service theme. Others have included barbecue delivery and pedicabs during SXSW in Austin, and, just last month, ice cream on demand in different U.S. cities.

How it works: Pretty simple. People using the Uber app in Chicago will be able to select the service a headphones icon on the app.

Uber’s also linking up with Soundtracking, the music/moodsharing app. People who post music on Soundtracking during their rides get entered into a contest to win tickets to a Lollapalooza after-party (but sadly not the sold-out event itself).

Does $50 for 5 miles sound expensive to you? Maybe not for this particular ride. Not only are you getting booze and a live DJ, but the idea is that those already in the music/party mood, and already forking out up to $230 for their weekend Lollapalooza tickets (plus more for everything else), will be well up for taking the experience a little further. Also splitting between 10 friends means it only costs each of you a fiver.

Uber says people who spread the word about Uberpalooza also get the chance to win tickets to other events, as well as an Uber swag bag.