This DIY Lego Wheelchair Can Carry (Small) Passengers

Burf aka Simon Burfield is an iOS programmer and Lego experimenter who tries to take building blocks to the next level. Interestingly, if this wild rideable Lego wheelchair is any indication, he’s left the next level and is now firmly in the distant future.

Made with 12 Lego NXT motors and 12 multi-directional wheels, this carefully designed prototype can carry around a 198 pound person and is controlled via a small joystick. It can move in multiple directions and even roll side to side to “strafe” through a room.

Obviously this is a one-off DIY project, but it’s amazing how far a little ingenuity, a whole lot of Lego, and an underdeveloped sense of the dangers associated with sitting on a bunch of little plastic blocks can get you.