Stagedom: An iPhone App To Follow Updates From Your Favorite Musicians

Shahar Nechmad, who previously founded and ran web analytics company NuComony (which was acquired by LivePerson), has a new startup whose pitch, at least, is a little more fun. Stagedom aims to be the app where people can find new music, tour dates, videos, and other updates from their favorite artists.

Nechmad admits that music tech is a pretty crowded field right now, but he says that particularly on mobile, no one has really created a unified experience to get everything you want from your favorite musicians — think of the way that most bands once treated Myspace pages as the de facto websites, offering everything that a fan might need. Now, a band’s content is usually scattered across various social sites and services like YouTube. Some musicians create their own apps, but as Nechmad notes, “No one want to install 15 different apps.” And on the artist side, you want to reach your casual fans too, not just the diehards who are most likely to install your app.

A big part of Stagedom’s solution is something it calls the Smart Feed. The app tracks what music you’re listening to, then delivers content from Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere into a single feed. You can also look at artist profiles to see all their content in one place. One of Nechmad’s big goals is quick access, so you can bring up the information you need with just a few taps. For example, he claims that when he was discussing partnerships with the manager of some hip hop artists, and every time they wanted to look up artist tour dates, Nechmad could bring up them up more quickly in Stagedom than the manager could on his laptop.

He emphasizes that all of Stagedom’s data comes from legal sources, and he says the company will be adding more data sources soon.

Nechmad also says the mobile app is only the first stage of his three-part plan. He isn’t offering any details about the later stages, but he does say that the company will have multiple revenue streams and that it’s working on “building the right dedicated monetization tools for the music industry itself.”

Stagedom is self-funded. You can download the iPhone app here.