Guy Adams Talks About His Time In Twitter Exile After NBC Olympics Tweets [TCTV]

There has been quite a brouhaha around Twitter, NBC, and The UK Independent reporter Guy Adams these past couple days. It boils down to this: Adams’ Twitter account was suspended after he tweeted out the email address of the NBC executive in charge of the network’s much-criticized handling of broadcasting the Olympics. After a massive uproar online, Adams’ account has since been reinstated, and Twitter has issued a public apology — but it’s safe to say, this has been largely perceived as a massive fail on the part of NBC and especially of Twitter. As a newer and supposedly more progressive company, people seemed to hold the microblogging service to a higher standard, and many are saying that much of the “good will” around the company has been eroded.

We were pleased to have Adams give TechCrunch TV a call via Skype from his home base in Los Angeles to talk about the situation. Watch the video above to hear his thoughts on the suspension, the “dodgy deal” he says Twitter clearly struck with NBC, how Twitter has reached out to make amends, and why after it all he’s still grateful to be back on the service today.