Developers, Want To Make Better Sense Of The iOS Ecosystem? Apptrace Could Help

Anything that helps developers and publishers make better sense of the dynamics at play with regards to the iOS ecosystem is surely to be welcomed. Today, Adeven, the mobile analytics and ad verification startup, has unveiled one such tool: Apptrace lets users search for and drill into an array of key performance indictors for apps residing in Apple’s App Store, based on the company’s analysis of around 300 million data points daily from the 155 countries where it operates.

Apptrace is updated daily and has a very accessible UI. But, perhaps best of all, it’s free to use and Adeven aims to keep it that way — presumably the company has bigger plans in its product pipeline and monetization strategy that extend beyond Apptrace.

Born out of the frustration with existing data and tools with which to interrogate that data, Apptrace is designed to help app developers to make informed decisions about “what, where and when to launch an app”, says Adeven. For example, by looking at country-by-counry comparisons of an app’s App Store rank and ratings, availability, visibility by category, and age of app. To that end, the startup’s founders have plenty of experience in the matter and the pain points that currently exist.

Adeven co-founder and CEO, Christian Henschel (who was previously VP Global Partner Development & Marketing at mobile ad network Madvertise), says that many of the current iOS app analysis offerings are difficult to navigate, and use out of date data, two days old compared to Apptrace’s target of 6-12 hours.

“Having worked in the industry for a number years my co-founders and I became frustrated with what we saw as broken offerings. We’re delighted with Apptrace, the way it looks, what it tells the industry and our plans going forward”, he says in a canned statement.

Those plans include the ability to compare apps side-by-side (such as your’s and a competitors). And it’s true that the UI is very simple to use, while the results are quite revealing. One interesting stat pulled from the available data is that two thirds (400k) of apps have zero visibility i.e. are off the list when searching on an iPhone or iPad and hold no position on the App Store, says the company.

Give it a try for yourself if you’re so inclined.

Adeven is based in Berlin and London, and has raised a seven-figure Series A round from Munich VC, Target Partners.