Videolicious Relaunches Its App For Mobile Video Editing, Raises $1.4 Million From Amazon And Others

Last year, we wrote about an app called Videolicious designed to quickly let users create videos without having any editing expertise. The startup has been refining its app since then, and just released a new version to improve automatic video creation.

In addition to the release of the new app, Videolicious has secured $1.4 million in seed funding from investors such as Howard Lindzon, Joanne Wilson,, Venture51, Ludlow Ventures, Trestle Ventures, Scott Ingraham, and Quotidian Ventures.

Videolicious specializes in the creation of sales and marketing-type videos, enabling pretty much anyone to quickly create promotional and educational materials for their audiences. That includes event videos, blog videos, how-to videos, conference videos, sales videos, and video tours.

The new version of Videolicious makes it easy for users to create of professional-grade videos without having significant editing expertise. It works by letting them choose from videos and photos stored on their phones, placing them in order and then stitching together that media. It enables them to use transitions, visual effects, and logos. Once users have picked the media they want to use, all they have to do is tap the videos while narrating over them, and they can later add soundtracks.

Videolicious is available through a freemium business model, in which users can use the app and platform for free to start. Users can make free videos of up to one minute in length, with 10 shots per video and 20 videos stored. For $5 a month, they can make videos up to 10 minutes in length, with up to 100 shots per video and 100 videos of storage. Those users can also add their company’s logo to the videos, have unbranded, embeddable video players, and the ability to select from a wide range of licensed music. And for $10 a month, users get unlimited-length video, unlimited shots, and unlimited videos stored… As well as priority support and the ability to share videos to your own server.