Showyou Adds Olympics Content To Its Apps, Now Has More Than 28,000 Video Clips (And Counting!)

One problem with 2012 Olympics coverage is that there’s so much of it. If you’re in the U.S., you can turn to for full video coverage of the Summer Games, including clips, highlights, and full-length video of competitions as they happen. But with all that content, it’s difficult to sort through and find what you’re actually looking for.

Want a better way to find and discover what’s happening at the Olympics? Showyou is trying to solve that problem, by automatically highlighting the Olympics content that its users are sharing with each other in the app and on other social networks.

Since the Olympics kicked off with the broadcast of the Opening Ceremony on Friday, Showyou users have been sharing clips from various events all weekend long — meaning that the app is constantly importing new and interesting content from the games. The app now has indexed more than 28,000 videos — including 2,000 that were adding just in the last day. Showyou says that on average, it’s adding one Olympic-related video every minute.

Since Showyou has social sharing data, it can help surface the most talked-about or most-shared videos that people are watching — meaning that you don’t have to manually sort through and try to find highlights yourself. No searching through thousands of hours of video to see amazing Olympic acts — chances are if it’s awesome, it’s going to pop up in your feed.

Showyou has also updated its app so that the Olympics 2012 suggested search field will be available throughout the London Summer Games, making it easier for users to see recent trending content from the games. And it’ll highlight trending searches — like Ryan Lochte, for instance — so they can see which Olympians are performing well or not.

All that said, the app isn’t perfect, as some videos might not play for various reasons. In particular, those videos might have been taken down from sites like YouTube or Vimeo at the request of the IOC or broadcast partners in various countries. Showyou is trying to ensure that videos are removed as quickly as possible, but based on the volume of videos being posted, it’s difficult to keep updated.