Tubbs And Crockett May Need To Borrow Your Handsome Bluetooth Brick Headset

If you’re heading down to Radio Shack to buy a brand new Tandy 1000 (the hottest PC out there!) then you may want to bring this handsome brick handset designed to work with your “smaller” phone via Bluetooth. You can whip this baby out in line while you write a check out for your PC, modem, and MS-DOS 3.0 purchases.

Designed by a husband and wife team, Shisa Labs, in Jersey City, NJ (the home of the rolled up sport coat sleeve), the device is ready to start tooling and shipping in a few months. It costs $85 for the early bird model. Phones will come in multiple colors including Fisher Office Supply Beige so you and your buds can color coordinate your parachute pants as you roll down to the club, Cutty-Sark-pre-party-buzz just kicking in, and talk about how great Star Cops was.

The phone lasts for about 20 hours on one charge and works with any Bluetooth compatible device including cellphones and desktops. You can also use the phone as speakerphone for Skype or just as a funny prop for the skit you’re putting on at the Lock-in down at the Junior Rec Center. They’ve hit $5,601 of their very ambitious $150,000 goal, so here’s hoping they can bring out the old Eye Of The Tiger and totally push this into the Danger Zone.

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