Now On Android As Well, Moped Could Be The Hot New Messaging Platform

Moped is a private messaging platform that lets you send IM-like messages, but still with the useful hashtags and @s you find on Twitter. Users login via Twitter and message each other by @-ing recipient(s). It’s simpler than using an app like GroupMe for privately sharing in groups. It’s also integrated with Dropbox, so unlike other messaging or private sharing apps, users can share big files within their messages. A Chrome extension lets users to start conversations from a browser window.

Today they’ve released an Android app here, which now compliments their recently updated iOS app. What we have here is a brand new private messaging platform in the making. The Berlin-based startup recently closed a $1 million financing round with SV Angel (Ron Conway), Lerer Ventures, Betaworks and Earlybird Capital.

Contacts and conversations are synced across Moped apps, so if you have an iPhone at home, but use an Android when you travel, you don’t miss any conversations – the conversations you have on one device, show up on the other.

The chrome extension lets you easily share content on the web with anyone in Moped. All your contacts are loaded into the Chrome extension, so you don’t have to worry about remembering email addresses, or switching applications and copy/pasting a link.

Today, you need a Twitter account to sign up to Moped but that will soon change, with the ability to sign up without Twitter, opening up Moped for more users. Plus, new users signing up can now choose a username.

With Dropbox integration and a Google Chrome extension Moped is trying to cover all the bases from desktop to mobile.

Indeed, Moped could almost – I say almost – be an alternative to email.

Meanwhile another startup, Bonfire.IM is bringing private IM to Twitter – t’s also worth comparing with Moped.