Introducing The Croon Audio Original, A Gorgeous Bluetooth Table Top Speaker

When it comes to quality table top wireless speaker systems, Android and Windows Phones are generally ignored. Makers tend to prefer building accessories for the iPhone, and with that, often support Airplay over DLNA or even Bluetooth.

Enter the Croon Audio Original. This $199 tablet top speaker utilizes Bluetooth connectivity for near-universal compatibility. This gorgeous speaker should work with everything from an Android phone to a Windows notebook to a Palm Treo.

Two 2.5-inch full range drivers rest behind the grill and are capable of 15w per channel thanks to a class D amp. There are dual 3.5mm jacks, one for piping audio in and the other for exporting it to another audio device. There is even a full size USB port (5V DC) for charging a device.

Specs aside, it’s the Original’s design that makes it stand out. The housing is made out of MDF, a standard material in the audio world thanks to its dense core, which helps alleviate vibrations. Croon also employed cone feet, another attempt to curb unwanted vibrations.

The Original is available starting today and ships in black for $199. Or, for $35 more, buyers can opt for gray, red, or white on white.