Facebook Q2 User Stats: 955M Monthly Active Users, 552M Dailies (And 543M Monthlies On Mobile)

Facebook’s first earnings report is out, and on top of a decent quarter, the company also shared some new stats about the user base. Basically, it’s still growing.

Worldwide, the site had 955 million monthly active users in June, up 55 million from the 900 million it had announced in April. Meanwhile, daily active users account for more than half of the monthly total now, at 552 million for June — broadly, this fits the historical trend of more than half of all users coming back every day.

Meanwhile, within that 955 million monthlies number, mobile has also continued to grow, reaching 543 million last month. A look at year-over-year percentage growth shows mobile’s growing importance. While MAU grew by 29%, and DAUs by 32%, mobile MAUs grew by 67%.

Zooming back to the quarterly changes, MAUs grew by nearly 12%, while DAUs grew by nearly 20%. Mobile, meanwhile, increased by nearly 22%.

On the call today, founder Mark Zuckerberg also said that usage numbers were looking strong across demographics.